The Web’s Coolest Holiday Ideas…Cheer without Fear!!!

What kind of christmas ideas you’re looking for? We’ve teamed up with the to give you a complete and cool holiday calendar.

Just in case you want to go a little wild on Christmas and have a peach of Christmas celebrations, these holiday ideas are your winning choices!

This winnter holiday calendar will give you one month of easy ideas for hosting, guesting, giving, relaxing and enjoying.

Let’s start:

December 1 – You’ve Got Spirit

So what if your neighbors have had their holiday decorations up since Halloween and you still haven’t gotten around to hauling out your winter coats from under-bed storage. Just a few quick touches will transform your space into an elegant and welcoming bastion of holiday spirit.

Snag a festive dazzler to hang on the front door-our hot holiday felt wreaths makes a hip statement. Display red tin buckets filled with clementines or walnuts in their shells. Group votive and pillar candles atop silver lacquer coasters. Consider your halls decked.

December 3 – Greetings, Salutations And Shout-outs

If you plan on sending holiday cards or party invitations, this is the weekend to do it.

Post offices are slammed and social calendars book up faster than Uncle Mel downs a cup of eggnog, so the earlier the better. Save stamps and time by sending holiday cards only to faraway friends and relatives.

Invite the others to a holiday shindig where you can spread the good cheer in person. These “happy” card covers all of the season’s bases and the “la flame” and “jingle, jingle” invitations set a lively tone for holiday gatherings.

December 7 – Wish List, Hold The Mayo

Get your holiday ideas and shopping done on your lunch break. Without ever leaving your desk. No fighting over parking spaces, no waiting in line – online shopping makes it easier than ever to snag the perfect gift for every name on your list.

From splurges to stocking stuffers, some of Coolest Christmas Holidays’ top picks:

For hipsters: French Bull salad servers
For little ones: Action Sample Camera, Ice Cream Sundae Kit
For green thumbs: Bulb in a Bag kits
For gamers: Roulette/Blackjack game
For rock stars: Shuga Bud Earphones, sponge microphone
For the chess club: How to be Popular book
For budding baristas: Coffee Smarts game
For movie buffs: 75 Years of Oscar book

December 11 – Kitchen Claus

One little afternoon in the kitchen nets gifts for the masses. Making a large batch of edible treats is affordable way to spread holiday love to a large group of people (co-workers, neighbors, fellow Lost fan club-members).

Simply separate the goodies into cool containers and they’re ready to give. Try star-shaped sugar cookies with blue sprinkles in gray takeout containers, peppermint bark in clear favor boxes, or glass bottles of infused olive oil presented in felt snowman wine bags.

December 14 – Wrap-sody Chez You

Invite pals over for present-wrapping and pizza. Have each guest bring one roll of wrapping paper and a spool of ribbon. Stock up on creative crepe, fun fringe and gift boxes, bags and tags.

Make sure to have plenty of tape and scissors on hand. Crank up the holiday tunes and get wrapping!

December 22 – winter solstice shindig

Because everyone throws parties on Saturday nights and on New Year’s Eve, plus the shortest day of the year also means the longest night! Mix it up with a Winter Wonderland cocktail fete on the Winter Solstice. Primp your pad in silver and white-silver lanterns, silver star garlands and white feather boas. Serve champagne cocktails and white cranberry cosmos in disposable plastic flutes and martini glasses. Tempt guests with holiday ideas for food, such as ice cream “snowballs” rolled in sprinkles, nuts and silver balls.

December 25 – Chrismukkah

It’s Christmas Day, the first night of Hanukkah… there’s a lot going on. Take a break from tearing into gifts and partying to do something that truly embodies the holiday spirit. Invite friends over to make stockings, bags or baskets to drop off at a church, shelter or synagogue.

Start with these cute red & white felt stockings and stuff with candy canes and chocolate snowmen. Or, fill the Star of David felt bags with wooden dreidels and gelt. Keep the elves in your workshop warm and happy with MarieBelle spicy hot chocolate.

December 26 – Moo Shu Holidays

Stay in bed until 4pm and order Chinese delivery.

December 29 – In De-Stress

Organize a spa night to de-stress from holiday mayhem and catch up with the girls. Go for a yoga class, or, better yet, massages or pedis, and then re-fuel at your place over edamame, a simple seared tuna salad and green tea. Pass out “Positive Energy” drink spots to keep the good vibes flowing.

December 31 – New Year’s Eve

Host an intimate dinner for 6 before you hit the party circuit. One of the coolest holiday ideas is to create beaded charms with guests’ initials – napkin holders, place cards and favors all rolled into one.

White poinsettias in pails and mirrored balls make striking centerpieces. Serve a simple, stick-to-your-ribs supper of caprese salad, sauteed broccoli rabe and spaghetti and meatballs to help get you through a night of champagne toasts.

January 1 – See December 26

New year, new you. Not yet. Why fight crowds at the gym? It’ll still be there tomorrow. Happy 2007!

Here is the Famous Matha SteWart’s version of winnter holiday checklist to get yourself organized when there are too many things need to be taken care of.


Holiday Ideas for PARTY

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Other Theme Holiday Ideas:

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What’s a better time to sing, dance and party if not on Christmas? So be it. Celebrate this Christmas as best as you can, in whatever ways and holiday ideas you want to!

The photo below is the result of a Christmas party game where groups dress one member up as a “Christmas tree”, using a set amount of materials and then sing a song about it.

If you have any idea or story that you’ve had so much fun, why not share your holiday ideas and photos with us? I’ll be thrilled to hear from you.