Your X’mas PIC

Your Christmas Pictures and Video Could WIN You An Apple iPOD Shuffle Or A Bunch of Cool Prizes…

Hurry, Contest Ends Midnight February 15th, 2007!

Hi Folks,

I’m Qing, one of the folks who go all-out with the Christmas decorations and holiday fun ( The Rudolph on the left is not me! He is my nephew at the Officer Christmas Party last year…).

It’s always loads of fun coming up with a special Christmas holiday that’s creative and memorable (and that no one else has…).

Once the holiday is over, however, all that energy and all those ideas usually just dwindle away.

And, of course, the many photos snapped at any Christmas holiday somehow find their way into a forgotten folder on our computer’s hard drive or hidden inside a photo album somewhere.

So why let all that creative energy go to waste?!

Your Christmas pictures deserves
more than just one day of glory!

Look at this site – it’s built entirely about sharing Christmas ideas between us all.

I’d love to showcase your Christmas pictures on our site for others to enjoy and find inspiration from.

*Important: Remember to add planning tips.

By sending us your Christmas pictures and tips, you can win a iPOD shuffle or $100 Online Shopping Spree.

But more importantly, the energy you invested into the holiday planning will be made available online for everyone to enjoy, making your submission part of a resource that’ll be there for lots of people around the world – and yourself – next time you’ll need some cool ideas for a Christmas holiday.

Submission Deadline:
The Stroke of Midnight, February 15, 2007
Don’t put it off – Submit Today!

Submission Guidelines

*Only submission with BOTH Christmas pictures and idea write-ups will be eligible to win.

*You can enter as many Christmas pictures and ideas submissions as you wish. The more you enter the better chances you have of winning of a prize.

*Your write-ups should be at least 300 words. I won’t count, but just let the ideas flow out and don’t worry about editing them. I will do it for you. The more info you share the easier it’ll be for others to enjoy and find inspiration from your ideas.

*Your ideas must be written in your own words and not copied from any other source.

*You will submit your Christmas pictures in a minute. To protect our website (from unkind spammer and viruses), after you submit the write-ups below, you will get an AutoResponder Email. Simply REPLY the AutoResponder Email with your photos attached to it.

*Send as many of your Christmas pictures as you’d like – but make sure you choose the coolest photos that illustrate and bring to life the ideas in your write-ups.

*Also send any accompanying coloring pages, DIY tips for Christmas tree lighting, greeting card designs, holiday craft ideas, etc… that you’ve used and you think will help others in planning and carrying out their own Christmas holiday spirit.

*If you have a short video clip from your winter holiday and you think that it’ll in some way help get your ideas across, send it over.

*Send the highest quality photo you’ve got (but not larger than 1MB) Gifs or Jpg file formats as the attachment.

*Each Christmas picture must be originally yours, or of a family member, or of a close friend, etc.

*Christmas ideas must be written in your own words and not copied from any other source. Contest Directory
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